Thursday, July 8, 2021

Calm After the Storm Painting

Calm After the Storm
 acrylic painting on board finished in gloss varnish
12”x24”x2”, 2021
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This view is from the foot of Mount Blanca which is the 4th tallest mountain in all of Colorado. I took this photo at the Mystic Valley Sculpture Park which is a collaborative project with my life and creative partner Kyle.

There was a downpour and a thunderstorm so Kyle, Ethan and I waited it out in our van (this was before our little Wesley was born). When it was safe to come out, the atmosphere was so unique. I watched the rain clouds move past the mountains as the sun began to light up the surrounding landscape and accentuated the 3D quality of the mountain range. It is one of my favorite memories out there.

Angle View shows the deep 2" board.

Another Angle View.

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