Friday, November 19, 2021

Dawn at Blue Ridge Mountains - Painting

 Dawn at Blue Ridge Mountains  
acrylic painting with acrylic markers and black ink on board
finished in gloss varnish
6″x8″x3/4″ 2021
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If you’ve been to the Blue Ridge Mountains, you’ve experienced the Magic. I’ve been lucky enough to hike these mountains throughout the various states that they span. I’ve quietly walked past a mama bear with two cubs, hiked the tall peaks, walked the forest floors, admired the endless vistas from the many lookouts along the Blue Ridge Highway and camped along some of the prettiest spots I’ve ever seen there.

I have not been back for over 6 years now but the impressions and memories I’ve taken away with me comeback often and I hope to go back soon. There is enough for a lifetime of exploration, inspiration and just plain wonder at the beauty of this part of the country.


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