Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Shoshone Point Sunset

Shoshone Point Sunset – Grand Canyon 
acrylic on board, 23″x47″ (25″x49″ framed), 2022
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This image was inspired by a spectacular sunset I got to enjoy at the terminus of a short hike through the woods to an edge of the Grand Canyon that sees much less traffic then the more readily accessible lookouts. Over the years, I’ve gotten to enjoy hiking and viewing the Grand Canyon from various vantage points, from both the South and the North Rims as well as from the very popular and highly visited lookouts as well as more remote locations like Shoshone Point.

No matter where along the canyon, the views were always incredible, whether at crowded lookouts full of other admirers or at less traveled locations. A sunset that I got to watch at Shoshone Point during my first trip to this area was one of the most memorable. 

Along with a few friends, we set out to walked about a mile through the woods to a more secluded spot, perfect for sunset viewing according to my research. All of a sudden we were startled by a huge, lone elk who a moment ago seemed like he was a still tree but in a flash turned into an antlered keeper of the woods. He stared us down while having his evening snack. We were not sure if we were supposed to proceed or turn back but decided to quietly, press on. Arriving at the stunning edge of the canyon felt extra special, almost like we passed a mystical guardian of this special palace and that he chose to allow us to see the magic beyond. 

The evening was perfectly still. The changes in color of the canyon walls and the sky above were subtle but powerful. The layers of the Grand Canyon seemed to dance in the slight foggy mist that softened the brightness of the setting sun. Anywhere I looked, I was seeing something I’ve never imagined could exist. I was looking at infinity yet it felt so fleeting as the vibrant colors quickly began to disappear for the day with the fading light. We knew that the longer we’d stay out there, the darker the woods would be on the return walk back to the car. All of this felt so precious. I took away an image of the brightest part of the sunset and tried to share it in this new painting. I hope that the magic and wonder that I got to witness and absorb out there comes through for the viewers and that it reminds them of time spent in the outdoors and of their own magic that they have experienced during moments as special as the one I had at Shoshone Point.

My stained glass mosaic 'Shoshone Point' circa 2010

Additionally, I'd like to share my other inspiration for this new painting, a mosaic that I created back in 2010. It was inspired by the same sunset from the same spot along the Grand Canyon. I loved that memory as well as my mosaic interpretation of it and now that I am focusing on painting, I wanted to create a painted version to once again try to show the beauty of this very special place.

 Framed Angle View


 Framed Angle View 

Angle detail view showing signature.  

The painting photographed outside in the bright sunlight.


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