Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Nautilus Shell

 Nautilus Shell 
hand made sculpture with concrete and glass mosaic
56" x 38" x 8"
Available via the City of Alamosa

The Chambered Nautilus, sometimes referred to as a living fossil, has remained relatively unchanged for over 400 million years. Most people recognize it for its shell which captivates with its geometric and jewel-like beauty. Its appeal has been driving this previously abundant species toward extinction through over-harvesting for jewelry production. It is easy to want one of these mysterious and mesmerizing treasures for oneself, especially when the true cost to the species is not realized or advertised by the trinket producers. I hope that others are inspired like me to only take inspiration from the living Nautilus and to leave them in the deep, dark ocean where they can thrive for millions of years to come.

The Nautilus Shell will be on display for the Annual Alamosa Artscape Outdoor Art Exhibit starting in the middle of September 2022 till September 2023



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