Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Beaming Mountain Sunsets

Beaming Mountain Sunset I, acrylic on board, 12″x9″x1.5″, 2023 ~SOLD

Both of the paintings I shared in this post were inspired by a beaming, setting sun in the mountains. The atmosphere is just right to intensify all the colors and momentarily make the landscape feel like its ablaze with warmth and color, creating a nearly unreal landscape. Yet those who spend a lot of time in the mountains may have been lucky enough to witness such a phenomenon. And if you have not seen a similar scene in person, I hope that it inspires you to seek it out.

Often when I paint, I enjoy exploring colors and compositions in groups. This allows me to paint more freely and to let the ideas and inspiration overflow onto an extra substrate, or if I am feeling particularly full of inspiration, it may be more. I loved painting these new vivid vistas and hope to find some time to dive back into these colors soon! 
Beaming Mountain Sunset II, acrylic on board, 10″x8″x1.5″, 2023 ~SOLD

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