Sunday, January 8, 2023

Wintry Night Sky Symphony

Wintry Night Sky Symphony, acrylic on board, 24"x14" (25"x15" framed), 2023
Available at the Two Old Crows Gallery in Pagosa Springs, Colorado:

Every night that I go to bed, I look out my window toward the cosmos. Its not exactly intentional. I've never been a particularly cosmic person, growing up in Warsaw, Poland and then in the NJ suburbs and finally New York City in my early adulthood, I wasn't exposed to the magnificence of the night sky on a regular basis. As I became immersed in the great outdoors in my early adulthood, I got to enjoy the night sky more and more. 

Today, I live on the boarder of the National Forest in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. My bed is right next to a window that exposes the nightly display of stars or the moon to me on a nightly basis. Its a unique experience for me to look out toward the universe before checking out for the night. It fills me with wonder and awe. I look out toward the trees and know that the Weminuche Wilderness is just a bit beyond there. It is the largest wilderness area in Colorado and is filled with what seems like an infinite layer of mountains. The sky out there is beyond magical. I think of all of this each night, of the mystery, the endless beauty and wonder out in those mountains, much of which happens at night while we all sleep in our homes. These days, I am more drawn to the mysteries and beauty of the night sky and that is more and more present in my art.

Prior to Framing

Prior to Framing


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