Saturday, November 18, 2023

Pre-Order for Holiday Giclee Prints Closes November 21, 2023

I've committed to Opening 'Print Pre-Orders' in my Online Art Shop about 2 times per year for the end of the year Holidays and to celebrate Spring/Summer. This is the only time that I open up orders for prints. The current Pre-Order Closes at Novermber 21st.

The square paper giclee prints are available in 12"x12" with a 1/2" border all around as well as a larger 16"x16" with a 1/2" border all around. Additionally, I have a few available as a 24"x24" framed canvas giclee prints. See All Options Here: or scroll down to click each individual link.

I will only have a couple extra of each print and plan to bring those to two more Holiday markets at the beginning of December and then mid December. The best way to ensure getting one, is to do the preorder which will ship by December 10th or earlier.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will still be able to order prints past November 21st but once the few extras that will be ordered sell, the ordering option in the Online Shop will close and prints will be marked as SOLD OUT.




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