Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Green Mountains

Green Mountains, stained glass mosaic on board (framed), 37.5" x 37.5" ~SOLD

For a long time I've been on a quest to find my perfect landscape. My mind imagined what my heart asked for, a place where my soul could dance. 
On the Camel's Hump Trail in Vermont 
I grew up in various urban and suburban environments with limited access to the outdoors. But as an adult I began to follow that inner compass that would lead me to those places where I could be more in touch with nature. That's one of the reasons I love going on new hikes so much. Will I find the new places that I've imagined?
Close Ups of the glass patterns seen in a cool light.
In my mid 20's I took the plunge, said goodbye to life in Brooklyn and booked it for Vermont - the Green Mountain State!
Somewhere near the top of Camel's Hump
This was a perfect opportunity to find the mountains I've dreamt of and to walk all over them, to look at the incredible fauna close up, to admire the alpine plants near the peaks and to breath in the vast view of the endless mountains getting lost in the distance, blending in with the sky that is so much bigger than all the mountains combined. Living in Vermont, I fell in love with the vivid, lively Green Mountains that the state is known for.
Green Mountains seen in the sunlight outside.
Eventually life took me to Colorado where I actually created this piece in the first few months that I was settling to my life in Boulder. Vermont and its mountains lingered in my mind and in my heart and I wanted to pay tribute to those ancient formations that offer everything from rugged, rocky forests to alpine peaks. This is a special place where I feel that I came alive after beginning to feel like I was shrinking in the big, bustling, beautiful city that is Brooklyn. 
A cairn to help us all find our way up this incredible mountain.
Sometimes, we need more room to spread out, to stretch our legs and to walk for miles and miles to a place like the landscape in my mosaic where we may feel small but we also feel mighty because we are among mother natures most beautiful creations and we got there on our own two feet.
Close Ups of the glass patterns seen in a warm light. 
I combined what inspired me and what I love about the mountains into this glass landscape. This can be anywhere, not just a top Camel's Hump in the magical little pocket of the US that is Vermont. I hope that it evokes the feelings of love and wonder that I have for our beautiful planet and that it inspires others to care for our mountains and forests, to explore them and to leave them as they found them while only taking away good memories.
Here is a mock up of how this mosaic can transform a living space, adding a sprinkle of nature where it may be needed.
For those interested in hiking Camel's Hump in Vermont and sharing my experience, here is a link with more information about the trail: http://4000footers.com/camelshump.shtml Then New England Hiking site provides complete information on the hike with great photos.

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