Saturday, January 19, 2019

Autumn Reflection at Maroon Lake

Autumn Reflection at Maroon Lake, 32"x48", 2018 ~SOLD

This landscape is inspired by an amazing backpacking trip in the Maroon Bells Wilderness back in 2013. The Four Pass Loop starts and finishes at this location. It is incredible! You know if you’ve been here.

Just being at this lake, looking at the Bells framed by the forested cliffs in the clear lake feels like you’ve already arrived at your destination. But the wilderness that you walk into is filled with magic around every corner. Crossing each mountain pass, you feel like you’ve arrived in a new world. How can all these places be within walking distance. 

By the end of the loop, it feels like you’ve walked through hundreds of the most beautiful postcards and then you arrive back at one of the most photographed landscapes in the United States. Being here is a very special experience and leaves lasting impressions on the visitors.

I hand-cut all the glass.

To create a reflection of the landscape, I created stencils for the larger pieces. I numbered other smaller pieces to to help me keep track of the reflection as I created it.

The mosaic in-progress. All the pieces are taped together so they wouldn't move out of place as I worked.

Here I am adding each new, custom-cut glass piece one at a time.

Getting close.

Tape peeling after gluing the glass onto the substrate. Next came grouting followed by grout-painting.

The framing of the mosaic - the last step.

Here I am with my finished, framed mosaic.

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