Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Online Mosaic Owl Class - Regular Edition

Online Learning Made Simple

This is the basic edition of Kasia's popular Online Mosaic Owl Class. That said, its anything but basic.The class is oriented around a learning project designed to give the students a comprehensive understanding of Kasia's stained glass mosaic process from start to finish. The Owl Design is simply used to aid in demonstrating the vast array of lessons and concepts. Plus it makes a lovely souvenir!

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A complete beginner is able to easily follow along each part of the mosaic process while mastering this fun approach to glass mosaics while building a strong foundation in this versatile art form. But the class can be enjoyed by any level mosaic artist wanting to improve their glass cutting skills or to try a fresh approach to mosaics. 

Students have an option to upgrade to the Extended Online Mosaic Owl Class at any time.

Create Substrates for Small/Medium Indoor Mosaic Projects

There are demos for how to create the owl silhouette substrate as well as an attractive rectangular substrate. 


Learn which hanging hardware to use, how to attach it and how to treat the substrate as well as the edges to create a beautifully finished mosaic.


The Owl Project Templates Is Included In The Class

Kasia created this fun, whimsical design specifically with optimal learning in mind. are unique to Kasia's classes. Learning is made easier and more fun when you know you're working on a pattern that has yielded beautiful results over and over.


Mosaic Owls created by Kasia's Students. Students enrolled in the Online Class can purchase additional project templates at 20%off. Additionally any student from this class can upgrade to the extended class by paying the difference.

Learn to Choose a Strong Color Palette

The class has an in-depth lesson on choosing your color palette. It explains how to examine a mosaic design to better approach what some peoples see as an intimidating part of mosaics, something that can sometimes keep folks from getting started. This is just one of the many supplementary color diagrams from that lesson. Kasia likes to uses imagery to help students understand the concepts she uses in her own mosaic art. So there are lots of color swatches in this lesson that don't just address the glass but the grout as well. 

Use Hand Tools to Precisely Cut Glass for Mosaics

The class includes tutorials, demos and practice exercises for how to work each of the 4 basic hand tools Kasia uses to create all of the fun glass shapes in her mosaic art. Additionally, Kasia demonstrates how to use the 4 different types of glass scoring tools popular among mosaic artists.

You only actually need two of the basic tools for precision glass cutting: a glass scoring tool and running pliers thought the flathead tile nipper is very handy in shaping small circles as well as smoothing out any glass edges that were not cut as well as you'd like it to be but you'd like to salvage them.

Learn Precision Glass Cutting For Mosaics

Kasia designed the class project with teaching precision glass cutting in mind. She demonstrates how to create stencils, how to properly position and trace the shapes onto glass for optimal success in scoring and breaking. She includes not just do's but also don'ts. Students get to see the techniques used practically and can follow along with their own project. 


Kasia applies the same glass cutting theories to her non-template based mosaics. But the class project allows for learning through repetition which is ideal for learning any new skill and can be further applied outside of this class to any future project.

Arrange and Fit Glass Into a Mosaic Composition

The students work on top of the provided template. Kasia demonstrates arranging the glass, giving tips on how to get the best results. There is more to consider than one may realize. The taping method also know as the front-mounting technique will is covered in detail - this is a favorite technique with the students as it allows for more fluid work, there is no need to stop to glue one piece at a time and to interrupt the creative process. 


The Front Mounting Technique For Glass Mosaics

Many beginners glue their mosaic projects one piece at a time. This can be very tedious, messy and interruptible to the creative process. The front mounting technique for stained glass mosaics, more commonly known as the tape method, makes the whole mosaic process much more enjoyable and less time consuming. You get to work on your mosaic without the pressure of gluing as you work. This technique also allows you to change your mind and to edit your project as you make progress. 

Glue A Taped Mosaic in One Step

Learn how to transfer the taped mosaic onto substrate for gluing. For a project this size, it quick, clean and easy! No more gluing one piece at a time =)


Grout Your Mosaic for a Beautiful, Finished Look

Learn about choosing your grout and how to grout your project. 

BONUS: Interact with Students from All Over the World

All Online Students receive access to a private Facebook Group where they can ask questions and to share photos of their work. Kasia visits weekly and always gets back to all questions. Other veteran students also offer advice from years of experience at this point - Kasia has been teaching Online Mosaic Classes since 2015.


What You'll Need to Get Started

Please take a look at the Free Preview of the Needed Materials in the Table Contents of the Class - this is near the bottom of this page. There is a complete outline of suggested materials and tools you will need to create and indoor project. Included are some links to the harder to find items. There is a separate resource list visible only to the online students. 

How to Register

This 3 minute video will walk you through setting up a student account and class registration. Remember to save your username and password as that is your key to the class. Once you register for the class and your order is processed by Kasia Mosaics, you will receive a Welcome Email as well as an invite to the class facebook group page. Both will be emailed to the email address associated with the paypal account used to purchase the class. If you would like this info to be sent to a different address, please notify us after you register.

The Class Table of Contents

Visit the class page on the Kasia Mosaics Classes website to see the table of contents for the class - linked below. The class material is documented in detail and is divided into parts and lectures that consist of videos, supplementary written lessons and photos. Students are encouraged to first follow the class in the order of the Sections and Lessons for best results and upon completion to refer back to specific lessons for refreshment. The class project template is well as the bonus template are also included as a pdf downloads. 

Once enrolled in the class, students have a lifetime access to all the class material and project template from anywhere in the world.

This class as well as my other Online Mosaic Classes are available via

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