Monday, August 9, 2021

A Wintry Night Sky Over Pagosa Peak Painting

A Wintry Night Sky Over Pagosa Peak 
acrylic on board, 18″x24″, 2021
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This painting is inspired by the mountain view along the trail across the road from where I live in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. This is where I take my kids for little forest walks. Its a beautiful trail any time of the year. 

But anytime after it would snow, the snow covered pines are completely mesmerizing. 

I haven’t actually walked out there at night but there is a window right by my bed that looks toward the forest  where this trail is. I often look out at night and am blown away by the number and high density of stars above. This part of Colorado has the most incredible night sky. With this painting, I wanted to share this part of my daily inspiration and I hope that it will find a home with someone who loves the unique beauty of fresh snow with a sprinkle of a million stars.

 Angle view. The board has a wooden edge that is 2" deep. It has a gloss varnish applied to it.

Detail shot in natural light outside. The painting is done with layers of acrylic wash alternating with detail work created with various thicknesses of acrylic paint markers. It is finished with gloss varnish which creates a shiny, finished look. On the back there is a hook for hanging as well as a certificate of authenticity signed by me - the artist.

 My partner Kyle holding the painting in a slightly different light.

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