Thursday, September 15, 2022

Autumn Crescent Moon ~ Framed Painting

Autumn Crescent Moon, acrylic on board, 23″x47″ (25″x49″ framed), 2022


I'm so happy to see this new painting beautifully, custom framed by my partner Kyle - hugs thanks to him fr helping my work have such a clean, professional look!

This painting makes me think of all the different aspects of fall that I love here in the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado where I live. The vast, expansive views with varied shrubbery and trees that roll into awe inspiring high peaks all veiled in warm, moody colors is one of the most visually stimulating scenes for me as an artist. Autumn is so fleeting and so full of mixed feelings, the beauty of the season helps me to cope with the end of Summer and the quickly approaching, cooler and less colorful Winter. I am still savoring the magical Summer season but this year it just really feels like its slipping away faster than ever. But fall is on the way and this type of scenery is food for my soul. The overwhelming beauty of the season here in Colorado is what I aimed to capture here.

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