Sunday, September 11, 2022

Looming Atumn Storm Paintings


Looming Autumn Storm I, acrylic on board, 10"x8", 2022
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This painting is inspired by stormy afternoons in the San Juan Mountains during peak fall foliage. Autumn is my favorite time of the year and I love to travel around Colorado to spend time in my favorite leaf peeping spots =) When the heavy clouds set in, cover the bright sun and create a moody environment in the warmly colored landscape, well that’s magic for me and that is what I tried to capture in both my ‘Looming Autumn Storm’ paintings. 

I painted these two as separate compositions yet they almost meet up perfectly when placed next to one another. I sketched them out at the same time so maybe on a subconscious level, my brain connected them. If you look closely though, specifically at the trees in the foreground, you will see that both paintings have a different patter that does not actually flow or connect but at first glance you may be tricked =)

Above you can see the very early stages of color layering before any of the detailed outlines were added.

Looming Autumn Storm II, acrylic on board, 10"x8", 2022

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