Thursday, April 25, 2024

American Gothic Bunny Style


My take on the ‘American Gothic’ bunny style of course while emulating a 5 year old Kasia as an artist ☺️  

This is my light hearted take on Grant Wood's 'American Gothic' painting from 1930. Because the sculpture is installed in rural Mosca, Colorado where jack rabbits abound, I thought a rabbit theme for this interpretation would be fun and appropriate.

We recently relocated these from them marking an old campsite where we used to have a vintage camper we remodeled a few years back. Below is a photo we took back in 2019 at the initial installation  site with me holding my young son Ethan. We somewhat did a quick recreation of that photo now in 2024 with my holding a much larger 6.5 year old Ethan =)

Moving the sculpture with the permanently attached concrete/steal pedestal was not an easy task for Kyle and I but apprehensively, we moved about a 100m via a hand truck ... Thank you Kyle for always giving it a try!

Now they are along our colorful sculpture trail where we enjoy walking around, taking in the awe inspiring views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I love looking in all directions, taking a seat and just marveling at the beauty of the San Luis Valley.

Our assistants are often either lending a hand or making sure that for each step we take forward, we go back two lol Either way, they are usually looking very cute while up to whatever mischief they are up to. Here Ethan convinced Wesley that they could earn candy by logging this cart full of stones for me - thanks boy!


Below are just a couple of the neighboring sculptures along our colorful, whimsical sculpture trail that helps to highlight and focus on the incredible natural environment they are set in.

The bunnies love their new location and even get to peek through the nearby feathers 🪶 😁  

This is a personal art project between Colorado artists Kasia Polkowska and Kyle Cunniff who have been working on it since 2018. It is located on a 40 acre private property in the San Luis Valley and is not currently open to the public. The artists do not have the means to open up the project to the public but are open to investors/patrons who would like to support the grass roots effort and make it possible to make that dream a possibility. Email if you would like to support this project or visit Kasia's Online Art Shop
A portion of all art sales gets invested in this colorful outdoor outdoor project that has been 100% funded by the 2 individual artists up till now.

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