Sunday, December 27, 2015

Teton Alpenglow

Teton Alpenglow, stained glass mosaic, 16" x 25" (17.5" x 26.5" framed), 2015~SOLD

This mosaic is inspired by the soft rosy light that sometimes hits the legendary Teton Mountains in Wyoming during sunrise.  These mountains always look majestic.  They are always awe inspiring.  The alpenglow though is an extra special sight to see.  It is so brief that you want to breath in every moment of it.  When the Tetons are surrounded by alpenglow, one really does feel like on a set of a fairytale but it is even better because it real.  Time stops and you can't take your eyes off of the mountains.  The atmosphere is nothing short of magic, real magic here on earth.  I created this mosaic as a reminder that these places are real, that these moments are real but if you don't wake up early and don't make the effort, you'll think that this kind of magic only happens in our imaginations. 

 Testing out my glass choice for the sky.

 Smoothies - what keeps me going in the studio =)


 All glued!

 The tape is peeled - all ready for grouting!


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