Monday, December 21, 2015

Teton Mounains in Earthtones

Tetons, stained glass mosaic on board, 14" x 24.5" (15.5" x 26" framed), 2015  ~SOLD

This version of the Tetons came about during the late fall, early winter here in Colorado.  The land is brown.  The grass is straw.  The colors are subdued.  This is the West.  During this time, I often time travel, not just to different seasons but also places where I've took good memories from.  The Teton Mountains are just that.  

I've been thinking about those mountains, in those sepia tones before the snow covers them.  After the snow melts but the bright spring hues have not come back yet.  Then I add the sun!  The sun always brings back the magic.  In this mosaic I am looking at this beloved landscape being brought back to life during Magic Hour, that time during the day when it may be getting colder as the sun is calling it a night but not before reminding us of its majestic powers to do just what you see here.

 The beginning. 

 All of the glass is hand picked and hand cut to create the best effect.

 All ready to glue. 



  1. I am in love with this piece, and all your work! Just discovered this blog and plan to follow. (I am a glass mosaic artist - posting at - and am inspired to try to reach new heights by the work you do.) Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rachel! I don't always see new comments on my blog but when I do discover them, its always a nice treat to read something nice - Thanks a lot. I hope that you've been staying creative =)