Sunday, March 10, 2019

American Gothic Rabbit Style

These bunnies are part of my Animals of the San Luis Valley Sculpture Series - Doodle Style Project. The gist of the project is to create sculptures off of rough sketches, not polished drawings. I wanted to see kid like drawings of animals scattered through out this High Dessert Valley. Why? I like to think of it more as 'Why Not?'

The front of the sculpture is covered in a glass mosaic that I built in my Alamosa studio near the sculpture park.

Above you can see my rabbit doodle. The actual sketch is only a few inches tall. I scanned it into the computer to create my color palette. Next to the sketch you can see the realized 8ft sculpture installed at our Mystic Valley Sculpture Park in Mosca, Colorado.

The bunnies installed at their new, permanent location. In the distance you can see the two bears who are part of this series. Each set of animals designates a campsite in the tiny campground part of the sculpture park that my parter Kyle and I are designing and building. 

Here the concrete in the pedestal has set and the bunnies are finally free to enjoy their new home, watching the sunset over the San Juan Mountains in the distance to the West of the park.

My son and I are standing next to the sculpture for scale. With the added height of the pedestal, the tip of the bunny ears reaches 9ft. Behind us, not too far from our park is the Sand Dunes National Park, a true work of art - one of the most incredible landscapes in all of Colorado.

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