Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Blanca Massif Alpenglow

Blanca Massif Alpenglow
a framed stained glass mosaic, 19.25" x 32.5", 2019 ~SOLD

Sierra Blanca Massif is a compact cluster of mountain peaks, with the tallest one being Blanca Peak measuring a soaring 14,351ft making it the 4th tallest mountain in the state of Colorado. This formation is part of the dramatic Sangre de Cristo Range running along the Eastern side of the valley where I live. The sky over these mountains is known for an incredible display of colors both at sunrise and at sunset. 

Me with the finished mosaic outside at sunset with Blanca Massif not far in the background.
The above photo was taken at the 40 acre parcel of land where I am building a sculpture park with my partner Kyle Cunniff. The view of these mountains is pretty much unobstructed from anywhere in the valley - this is very special for the people who live here as well as the ones who visit.

As inspiration, I used the purple and pink vail of light illuminating the mountains in this photo I took.
I get to enjoy this view everyday on my evening walks. I particularly love the imagery when the mountains have a bright, white snow-pack that is illuminated with the setting sun. When the sun sets across in the West, it leaves a gentle, rosy trail of colors over Blanca. The subtle violets and pinks of winter's alpenglow perfectly frame this most prominent feature seen for miles in every corner of the San Luis Valley in Southern Colorado. 

I also used aspects of this photo, particularly the pinkish/violet sky and the lighter snow in the foreground.
As you can see, I combined various effect I experienced to create the atmosphere in my mosaic. 

I used a black and white printout of one of my photos as a general blue print.
I matched up the pieces of glass for the sky to create a painterly effect.
The mosaic is custom framed in my studio - I choose stains for the wood to best highlight the artwork.
More photos and details of the finished artwork coming later this week!

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