Monday, September 26, 2022

Clearing Amid the Clouds

Clearing Amid the Clouds, acrylic on board, 16″x24″ framed , 2022


Autumn is the time of year when the senses are often heightened. Clinging onto color and life is a human instinct. A looming storm, can further intensify this feeling as it also has the power to make the landscape seem richer than in does in the bright sunlight that often blow outs the rich colors of the earth. So for this painting, I let my imagination really flow and reconnected with my inner-child, wanting to express the big, bald characteristics of approaching weather in a magical place, a place that is actually close to home as it is inspired by the local San Juan Mountains near Pagosa Springs, Colorado where I live. In the sky, I created a clearing, something you often see during the passing storms. The sky between the clouds is not quiet peaceful in appearance – the series of lines in the sky are almost like a message sent between clouds that are trying to figure out, ‘Should we thunder, or should we call it a day?’.


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