Friday, October 7, 2022

Bloom Sculpture Installation

With my art, I take inspiration from what I find most beautiful in my surroundings as well as my life experiences. With my sculptures I aim to add beauty and interest to new places where the passerby can feel uplifted, inspired and discover something new.

My sculpture "Bloom" is rooted in the intricate folk art of paper cutting from Poland, my place of birth. With 'Bloom', I wanted to share the wonder that these forms inspire in me, hoping that the sculpture can do the same for others. The bright colors and fun, bulbous shapes are made to be eye catching, grabbing the viewer and pulling them in for a moment, adding something unique to their day out on the town.

On October 4th we installed 'Bloom' for Aurora's 11th Biennial Art 2C On Havana Street 2022-2024. See my sculpture featured via Aurora TV here:

Art 2C On Havana Street is a Public Art Program that features outdoor sculpture from Colorado Artists as well as creatives from beyond the Rocky Mountain State. This was the first time I applied for the program and was so happy to be chose as the handful of artists who shared their wonderful creations with the greater Denver audience.


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