Saturday, October 29, 2022

Ethans Starry Mountain Vista

"Ethan's Starry Mountain Vista", acrylic on board, 23"x23" (24"x24" framed), 2022 NFS 

I don’t take commissions for paintings so what you see is what you get with me as far as available art goes. But a couple of weeks ago my son Ethan came by the studio, picked up a board and said ‘I want you to paint me something on this board similar to that one’ pointing to a Winter scene hanging in my studio. Below is that particular painting.

"Mystical Snowy Night in the Mountains", acrylic on board, 36"x48" framed, 2022
So for his then upcoming 5th birthday,  I set out to work on his ‘commission’ 😂  Note, this is only something I'd do for one of my kids, as mentioned above, I don't do commissioned paintings. See currently available art here:
This was a perfect way to kick off my Winter series! While I painted, Ethan came by to check up on me and says ‘This one will not be available Mama!’ 💙 He’s pretty slick 😎 And yes, it’s all for you sweetie!I love how the finished painting looks so big against his 5 year old child frame. I hope that as he grows he will keep enjoying this gift and one day share it with his own kids in his adult home.
This year for Halloweeen, Kyle, I, Ethan and our younger son Wesley all got astronaut costumes so Ethan was ready for blast of and to model his new gift. He often offers to hold my finished work for me so it only made sense that we properly document him receiving his very own new art =)

October has been pretty cosmic for sure! Our little family of 4 dressed the part for a better part of October, including in the above photo for Pagosa Springs Halloween in the Park on the 29th of October.

Above is the painting in an earlier stage.
Next you can see some of the lines being added to the trees and the build up layers for the milkyway.
Here I added the lines and highlights to the mountain tops.Things are coming along, its feeling pretty snowy!

 Almost there and ready for Ethan to add some finishing touches.
Ethan got to add some of the milkyway layering with mommy's help =)
And he got to add some stars too! Here he is again ready for blast off!

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