Friday, May 20, 2016

Stained Glass Mosaic Landscape Art

It is a challenge to fully convey the effect of a stained glass mosaic through a single photo. Especially it is difficult to show the scale of the work.  Every single piece of glass in my mosaics is hand cut with basic hand tools.  Some of the shapes I create are so minuscule that they are smaller than the tiniest fingernail.   

I source the glass in person by visiting the local art glass warehouse here in Denver D&L Art Glass. The glass is very shiny and reflective, often appearing different from each direction and under a different light while other glass has unique textures that are best seen in person.  Each mosaic is custom framed in wood that accentuates the colors of the glass composition.  It is light enough for any adult to pick up, averaging about 30 pounds each for the mosaics seen below.  I've been photographing the work next to myself to help my virtual viewers and buyers gain a better understanding of what these works look like in person.  

Sunset at Trillium Lake, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2016 ~Available

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The Dallas Divide, stained glass mosaic (framed), 16" x 48", 2014 ~SOLD

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Cascade Canyon, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2013 ~SOLD

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Ptarmigan Trail - Glacier National Park, stained glass mosaic (framed), 30" x 30", 2014 ~SOLD
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High Alpine Lake, stained glass mosaic (framed), 24" x 48", 2016 ~SOLD

Vermont Autumn, stained glass mosaic, 36"x36" (37.5"x37.5" framed), 2013 ~ SOLD